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Black Coffee Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine Makes a Cup of

    Black coffee is one kind coffee without any treatment, bringing the original taste feeling. It gathers coffer’s all five flavor: fragrant, sweet, sour, bitter and mellow. Original and rough, deep and interesting. However, what we know about the black coffee is too less, and this uncertain knowing makes the black coffee more mysterious. In fact, black coffee is around you. Love it and you will find it.
    Black coffee has heath care effect. It can stimulate the circulation of blood. For the female, it can whiten the face, drinking it often can make your face glowing with health, more appealing.

    Follicular coffee bag is the composite derivative of the drip coffee developed into nowadays. The first you see it, you must think it is a smart design. And Sengong company can manufacture such kind machine to produce such drip bags. Furthermore, the packaging machine pack not only coffee, but also the tea leave, hath care tea, medical tea, root stocks and other drinking granules and powders with inner and outer disposable bag. Sengong drip coffee packaging machine can produce 30-60 bags per minute after filling the ground coffee powder.

    Firstly take out one coffee drip bag, secondly pull out the flexible ears to hang on the cup edge, thirdly pour into the 85 degree centigrade boiled water, finally a cup of ground coffee with strong flavor comes out. Such kind drip bag design is convenient a lot for people who are often outside for business and travel, and who are inside the office without enough appliances, and who do not like instant coffee.


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