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Green Tea Packaging Machine Reminds you Production Tips and

    Green tea is famous and highly favored for its features like beautiful shape, bright color, fresh fragrance, cool taste. Its quality properties includes: straight and pump leaves, fresh aroma, mellow and sweet taste, bright yellow green tea soup, tender and uniform bottom leaves. Meanwhile, green tea has high Mn content, has effect of prevention of liver cancer. It is strongly to drink more green tea.

    When producing green tea bags, it is important to check up the raw tea leaves first. It requires normally qualified tea leaves, non mouldy and odorless, heavy metals contents and pesticide indicators confirming to national tea leaves sanitary standard.

    If the leaves are broken and pieced, it can be screened directly. If they are in strip shape, before screening, they should be cut into piece by tea cutting machine. After screening, the tea leaves particle in 14-50 mesh size can be put into winnowing device. If the mesh size is bigger than 14, the leaves should be re-cut by the tea cutting machine and re-screened. If the mesh size is lower than 50, they can not be used any more.

    For the inner tea bag, most people use filter cotton paper, usually made from fiber. Besides the tea leaves, the tea bag filter paper are also required to confirm the food safety standard. There are relative safety specifications for the paper’s thickness, intensity, brightness and moisture content etc. In addition, other harmful matters like the lead content, arsenic content, odor, microorganisms, fluorescent substance etc. should be tested absolutely. In a word, not all filter paper can be used to make tea bags.


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