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G73K Automatic Granule and Powder Packaging Machine


G73K Automatic Granule and Powder Packaging Machine with Multi-lanes
It is suitable packing powder, granules and seeds-like products of food, medicine, cosmetics and chemicals etc.

1. It is an automatic multi-lanes powder or grain filling and packing machine with high productivity.
2. Adopting single roller filling system, which ensures tight and beautiful sealing with excellent stability.
3. The machine can perform multi-lanes packaging(with effective sealing width 500mm), which ensures efficient production.
4. With optional photoelectric control device, you can pack products with our without color mark.

 Technical data:

Machine type: High Speed Packing Machine Series
Machine model: G73K
Machine name: Automatic  Granule and Powder Packaging Machine with Multiple Lanes
Filling range: 1~50cc(the filling range depends on
the feeding device and product properties)
Bag size: L: 40~110mm; W:30~80mm
Bag type: Four sides sealing
Max. film width: 500mm
Max. film roll diameter: Φ300mm
Bag length/width: L: 45~120mm(with film roll replaced); W:11~65mm
Production capacity: 25~50bags/min(the actual speed depends on the size of products, packing materials, etc.)
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 3.5KW
Machine dimension : 1400*1000*2200mm (L*W*H)
Machine weight: 750KGS


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