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G74K Automatic 3 Side Seal Bag Granules Packaging Machine


G74K Automatic Granules Packaging Machine(3 Sides Sealing, Multi-lanes)
It is suitable packing grain or granule products of food, medicine, cosmetics and chemicals, tea leaves, seeds, and other seeds-like products etc.

1. Adopting PLC control, photoelectric tracking and deviation correcting.
2. The bag length can be accurately adjusted according to requirements.
3. Problems will be shown on the screen, it is convenient for checking and maintenance.
4. Automatically stop when overheated, ensuring the quality of sealing.
5. Conforming to the GMP standard, highly efficient, easy to operated and maintain, steady and durable.

 Technical data:

Machine type: High Speed Packing Machine Series
Machine model: G74K
Machine name: Automatic Granules Packaging Machine
(3 Sides Seal, Multi-lanes)
Filling range: 1~5g or 5~10g
Bag size: L: 38~110mm; W:23~80mm
Packing speed: 50~100bags/min*2, or *4
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 2.1KW
Machine dimension : 1200*700*1950mm (L*W*H)
Machine weight: 500KGS


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