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T60AY Automatic 3 Side Seal Bag Liquid Packaging Machine


T60AY Automatic 3 Side Seal Bag Liquid Paste Packaging Machine 
It is used to pack sauce-like and paste substance in food industry like honey, medicine industry and chemicals industry, etc.

1. The machine can automatically perform bag-forming, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting and counting. If necessary, it can equip with other devices like the batch number printer according to customer’s requirement.
2. The machine adopts advanced PLC microcomputer control system, and installs drive stepper motor to control the bag length, with stable performance, simple adjustment, accurate detection.
3. The machine use intelligent temperature controller, PID regulator, ensuring to keep the temperature error under within below 1 ¡æ.
4. The machine uses 3 sides sealing.

 Technical data:

Machine type: General Packing Machine Series
Machine model: T60AY
Machine name: Automatic 3 Side Seal Bag Liquid Paste Packaging Machine
Filling range: 3-15ml(50-150ml can be customized)
Bag size range: L: 30-150mm,  W: 30-180mm
Packing capacity: 30-60bags/min
Sealing method: 3 sides sealing
Power: 220V, 50HZ, 1.9KW
Machine weight: 400KGS
Machine dimension: 900mm*700mm*1700mm(L*W*H)


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