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Drip Bag Packing Machine Making us Enjoy Conveniently Ground

     Espresso Con Panna is made by adding simply certain fresh cream into Italy espresso coffee. Ans since there is only adding fresh cream, Con Panna sometimes is called “Single Carriage”. The whitening fresh cream floating gently on the dark coffee, just like a lotus flower came out oof unsoiled mud, but not being polluted, making you cannot bear to drink it out in a mouth.

    Espresso Con Panna making step: adding the fresh cream into the Italy coffee cup, being the Espresso Con Panna.

    Drip coffee, popular in Japan, being able to make you conveniently enjoy the fresh ground coffee like Espresso Con Panna at home or in the office. What’s more, in drip coffee bag, there is no additives, but with nitrogen to keep it fresh. Inside the small bag, there is another filter paper bag filled with ground coffee powder, and the bag is with two little hanging ears.

    And then how to make drip coffee?
1. Tear the nitrogen sealed package as the dotted line on the bag showed;
2. Pull out the two ears, and hang them up the coffee cup;
3. Use boiled water about 85-90 degree centigrade to moist the coffee powder first, 20 seconds later, pour into the boiling water about 150-200ml;
4. Pick out the drip bag, and enjoy the high quality fresh ground coffee.


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