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Why Modern People like Bag Tea?

    Duyun Maojin Tea( Tippy Tea), one of China’s ten famous tea kinds, also named “White Tippy Tea”, “Fine Tippy Tea”, ”Buxus Tea”, belonging to the Guizhou(China) three famous tea kinds. The tea leaves is tight, slim and curly, jade green in color. Pure and lofty color, rich and gaudy taste, light green, even, orderly and bright leave bottom. It has many effects like quenching one’s thirst, clearing away the heart-fire, improving eyesight, etc.

    For many young people, they do not touch tea so many times. Instead, for middle-aged and old people, they do with the tea frequently. Now on the market, the bag tea can be seen often, and used more and more as well, which is the development of tea industry.  
Comparing with other scattered tea, bag tea are pick more carefully during production. And due to small package, every time you tear the tea package, they are fresh tea leaves. And since it is kept in sealed state, the can be stored for longer time with the tea aroma. Besides, the biggest advantage is convenience from the bag tea.

    Before, if you have just one glass, but you used it to make tea first, then later you want to drink boiled water, then you must take out the tea leaves. At this time, it is a waste for you to threw the tea leaves, because you can still use it for more times, but you still want to drink water instead of tea, then what will you do. Tea bag will help you to pick up the tea leaves quickly and fully, without any embarrassment and trouble.


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