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Drip Coffee Bag Keeps Fully Unique Fragrance of Every Coffee

    Santos Coffee, like extremely rhythmic, unrestrained and enthusiastic Samba dance, also like group-crazy and world-shaking Carnival, completely integrated into the lively, hearty and easily contented Brazil people blood. Its various aroma touch the hearts of coffee fans, with a long finish. Such coffee has neutral sour, sweetness and bitterness, moderate chrome, with certain sour flavor, elegant and special taste. It is the best blending coffee beans, honored as hard core of coffee. Santos coffee has pure and smooth taste, high acidity, moderate viscosity with a bit nut fruit flavor.

    Drip coffee bag is used to fully keep the unique fragrance of every coffee bean, including Santos coffee beans, so special. Sengong manufactures packaging machines for years, drip coffee bag packing machine is his featured machine. Sengong drip coffee packaging machine used to pack tea leaves, herb tea, health tea, coffee, rook stocks and other drinking tablets in inner and outer bag.

    Filling the hopper barrel with fresh ground coffee powder, then start the machine to package the inner and outer drip bag coffee. The principle of drip coffee bag is to make and brew coffee by dripping, perfectly reflect the sour, sweet, bitter, mellow and fragrant taste. What you need is just the boiling water and coffee cup for your enjoyment. Therefore, it is right applied for coffee lovers on the way, on the journey.


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