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Charcoal Coffee Drip Bag Enable you to Drink Coffee Always a

    Charcoal coffee is one single kind coffee clarified by Japan, it is almost no acidity, but with strong burnt, bitter, sweet and mellow flavor. Pure Charcoal coffee would be usually burnt and roasted deeply(roast by coal gas, charcoal fire and infrared ray), relatively dark color, mellow and fragrant smell, non sour. And if adding some condensed milk, it has another flavor.

    The proportional coffee beans rate is: 2 Columbia coffee beans, 2 Brazil coffee beans, 1.5 Mandheling coffee beans, 4.5 Javas coffee beans.

    The flavor is: special aroma, sweet, mellow, strong and extremely bitter.

    Drip coffee bag is the same with tea bag, what they packed inside are fresh materials. In two sides of the drip coffee bag, there are two hard paper hanging ears, hanging the bag inside the coffee cup. Before drinking, boil the cup first, then hang the drip coffee, next pour into the boiling water, wait for the coffee filtrating into the cup completely, then pick up the drip bag, finally it is time to enjoy. How convenient!


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