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Longjing(Dragonwell) Tea Packaging Machine Show Sengong Perf

    Longjing Tea is one traditional famous tea of China’s main nationality, also one of the famous green tea. It comes from the Longjing Village, Weat Lake Area, Zhejiang Province, with more than one thousand two hundre years history. Longjing tea has jade green color, strong flavor, sweet and mellow taste, sparrow tongue like shape. These are named four wonder of the Longjing Tea.

    The name of Lonjing is from the Longjing village, northwest mountain of the west Weng Family Mountains of the West Lake Area. Due to its different places of origin, it is clarified into West Lake Lonjing Tea, Dafo Lonjing Tea, Qiantang Lonjing Tea, Yuezhou Lonjing Tea. Only that Lonjing tea from 168 square kilometers of West Lake area can be called West Lake Lonjing Tea, the others are called Zhejisng Lonjing Tea. Among Zhejiang Lonjing Tea, Dafo is the best. And Weat Lake Lonjing Tea is the leader of the ten China’s famous tea kinds.

    For most drinkers of the Longjing Tea, as well as other tea, they should filtrate the tea leave first before drinking to their hearts. It is a kind of trouble sometimes. However, the invention of tea bag with thread and tag solves such a problem. Making bag tea is very easy and can keep the tea leaves under the water fully to have better tea with strong flavor. A cup of Lonjing tea make you not only enjoy the greeted fragrance, but also put you in fine fettle.

    According to statistics, the gift pack tea bag supply on the market is up to one hundred kinds, far from the enough needs of people. So the future of the tea bag is bright with a great coming development leap. Sengong company has concentrated on manufacturing the inner and outer tea bag packing machine for more than ten years, with complete after-sales service and guaranteed technical system, worth your trust. Sengong seeks always the perfect packaging technology and offer you humanity packaging effect.


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