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Requirements for Environment and Packing Materials During Pr

Requirements for Environment and Packing Materials During Production

1. Tag paper requirements: one side film attached, less than 250mm of the roll outer diameter , 75g/m3 gram weight, 22.5mm*22.5mm(L*W) standard size, about 5000 tags per kilogram.

2. Filter paper requirements: heat sealing type filter cotton paper, smooth excircle, outer diameterof the paper roll is at most 450mm, inner diameter of the framwork is 75mm, about 4000 to 6000 bags/kg.

3. Outer composite film requirements: PP, aluminum foil, aluminizing, nylon available for base stock, internal caoted with compound LDPE. Cursor location is 10mm*5mm, big color difference from the bottom color.

4. Thread requirements: 4275m/roll, 155mm/bag, about for 27000bags/roll.

5. Environment requirements: no much dust in the plant, temperature is 10-40 degree centigrade, relative humidity is at most 75%.


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