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Cross Sealing Eccentric Structure Adjustment


Cross Sealing Eccentric Structure Adjustment

1. Installation reason for this structure: keep the linear speed of cross envelop roller staying the same with vertical enclosure device with sealing period, so as to guarantee the sealing quality.

2. The way to synchronously adjust Inner bag vertical and horizontal sealing: inching packaging machine makes inner bag cross envelop roll slightly flat, separating form the cross sealing eccentric chain. Then the machine gets the screw rod of chain wheel 45 degree deviated to right in horizontal line to make the screw pod head at bottom left, then put up the chain. The outer bag is in a similar way.

3. Inner bag cross sealing length adjustment: The inching packaging machine makes its eccentric chain whell 45 degree deviated to right, loosen the lateral nut M22, rotate clockwise the screw pod to shorten the bag length, anticlockwise to lengthen. During adjustment, please make sure the eccentric amout is the same with the bag length. If the eccentric amount is bigger, the bag would have drawing breakage; if smaller, paper feeding is await, without good packaging effect.


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