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Cross Envelop Roller Adjustments of C18 Packaging Machine


Cross Envelop Roller Adjustments of C18 Packaging Machine

1. If the cross envelop roller if off tracking, discharge the protective cover firstly, then loosen the screw of the cross envelop teeth, next horizontally justify the cross envelop roller, finallylock the screw.

2. When the cross envelop pressure is not enough, adjust the nuts to enlarge the pressure(positive direction totation).

3. Copper sheath change£º

1) Adjustable bearing block copper sheath change:
A. Discharge the protective cover;
B. Disassemble the heating rod setting block and take out the heating rod;
C. Loosen the top screw of the cross envelop chain tooth, discharge the gear(including the one at the other end);
D. Discharge the pressplate of each side, loosen the pressure control screw and stop;
E. Move out the whole adjustable parts;
F. Knock out the adjustable bearing block from two sides, loosen the block screws and pick up the copper sheath, then change.

2) Fixed bearing block copper sheath change:
A. Discharge the asjustable parts as the above steps, loosen the screws of the two supporting plates, take down the fixed part and two supporting plates;
B. Knock slightly sidewards the two supporting plates, separating the plates from the fixed block;
C. Knock slightly again sidewards the two fixed blocks to make them separating from the cross envelop roller, and loosen the apparent screws to pick up the copper sheath then change.


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