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Normal Trouble and Recovery Processing Method for C18 Packag

Normal Trouble and Recovery Processing Method for C18 Packaging Machine  

Trouble Description Trouble Reason Adjusting & Recovery Method
Part mechanism without rotation Generator or motor circuit breaker Generator change or motorcircuit close-up
Abnormal machine running Foreign matter fall into the gear wheel or roatting parts Stop processing
Burning heat sealing place No fuel filling in the heat sealing roller block Take down the gear wheel, fill fuel and lock
Sealing rejects Uneven pressure on left and right heat sealing roller Left and riaght pressure  adjusting of the heat seaing roller
Heat sealing roller wear and tear Roller change
Heat seal is not clean Clean it up by copper broom
packing paper quality problem Paper change
Copper sheath wear and tear Copper sheath change
Non seal Heating component hurning up Heating component change
Electric component problem Check and change
Folding problem and packaging film seal in disorder Center line of the packing film is not the same with heating roller cylinder size See the shaping device adjustment sketch map
Shaping device adjusting problem See the shaping device adjustment sketch map
Materials clipped or leaked on seal side Different materials dropping time(air pressure) See the materials and thread feeding adjustment
Discordant time of bag filiing and sealing See the cross envelop roller adjustment sketch map
Undesirable cutting Wheel wear and tear of the slicer Slicer change
Negative or broken slicer edge Blade changer or recover with oilstone
Bad distance between the moving and fixed slicer Adjust and compress tightly screw bolt
Can’t link up the thread Spool deform and shift Adjusting
Filter paper pff tracking adjusting
Mechanical clip thread loose Take it down and repair
Abhorrent outer bag length Not well photoelectric positioning Wipe up and adjust
Overtop temperature setting reset
Oversize Film drawing pressure Adjust the film leading roler and shaping device
Bad packing film Film change
Inner bag stick dropping into the outer bag Mechanical clip angle misaliged Mechanical clip adjusting
Bag clipping and putting misaliged Adjust the close switch cam
Thread and tag cutting misaliged Adjust the tag cutter
Wrong place the outer bag forming device Place adjusting
Broken thread Too large pressure Reduce the pressure
Copper sheath loss Change 


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