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Dos and Don¡¯ts of the Machine Operation

Dos and Don’ts of the Machine Operation

1. Before starting-up:
1) Install well the the attached companents like tag support, thread supprt;
2) Check whether all the screws are tight or not after the transportation;
3) Fill a littl 20# or 40# fuel into all the moving parts, fill high temperature fuel into the vertical seal and horizontal seal.

2. Before running:
1) Turn on the power and air supply, external power supply is 220V, 5KW, air supply is 2KGS.
2) Close leakage switch, open the power master switch, cheak the machine isprotective earthing.
3) Set the convertor motor to F30.0 inching packaging machine, check whether the machine can run or not; start the machine to idle and chack whether having abnormal noise.
4) Set and fix the tempertaure on the temperature-controlled meter of vertical sealing, horizontal sealing and tag(according to materials melt point).
5) Threading(see thread device installation part).
6) Tag paper crossing through(see tag device installation part)
7) Packaging film installation(see film feeding sketchup map part)

3. Start-up and operation:
1) check whether the hand shanks of the materials filling, threading, tag sending disconnecting or not(now they must be disconnected).
2) Send the filter paper into the vertical sealing roller, form the bag by idle running and check the packaging effect like smooth and firm seal, cutting.
3) Connect the hand shanks of threading and tag sending, check the final empty bag whether qalified or not.
4) Connect the filling hand shank, watch the filling time is correct or not. When th inner bag cross envelop roller is in horizontal line, the cup filler should be right directed into the filler hole.
5) Disconnect the inner bag hand shank, send the outer bag film into vertical sealing roller, inching film feeding about 30cm, set the fixed beg length on microcomputer. Start the machine and check the outer bag is smooth and firm or not. Turn off the machine and reset the microcomputer position. Then restart the machine and check the bag length position is correct or not.


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