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SG-90B Drum Type Fixing Machine



                  SG-90B Drum Type Fixing Machine

Technical Data and Features:

Machine name: Drum Type Fixing Machine
Machine model: SG-90B
Machine dimension: 2165*1230*1930mm(L*W*H)
Machine features: 1. Real stuff: adopting 1.8mm thick international steel plate for internal drum, no deformation.
2. Super thermal and gas saving: both the front and back cover plates of external drum have insulating layers, farthest preventing the heat loss. The whole machine heat insulation cotton is +3mm thick environmentally friendly calcium silicate board. The chimney is initiate double folded plate structure with heat insulation cotton, Eco-friendly and beautiful.
3. Smart firing system,automatically plus manually: on off gas supply by smart sensing, reducing and saving gas consumption; when tea leaves come out, automatically cut off heat source, ensuring no continuous inner drum heating during tea leaves discharging and no heat for later following tea leaves.
4. Smart air (vapor)exhausting system: able to set at random air exhausting start and stop time, ensuring the vapor’s timely exhausting and keeping tea leaves green and fresh. Adopting batch-type exhausting to make full use of inside heat, saving gas.
5. Four riding wheels: low noise, stable running.
6. Super large discharging hole: 500mm width, fast discharging, no leaves remaining.
Motor supply: 0.75W
Rated voltage: 380V/220V
Motor manufacturer: Fujian Fu’anTengyu Motor
Energy type: Gas
Energy consumption: At most 0.3 (kg liquefied gas/ kg water)
Working efficiency: At least 25kg/h
Drum rotation speed: 5-37r/min
Drum size: 875*1240mm(inner diameter * length)
Air exhausting capacity: 0.085KW/2200r/min
Highest temperature: 320 degree centigrade
Temperature control: Fully automatically control


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