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SG-HGJ-9 Rotary Type Tea Leaves Dryer



                      SG-HGJ-9 Rotary Type Tea Leaves Dryer


It is exclusive use for drying and aroma enhancing of the tea leaf, wolfberry, ginseng, honeysuckle, and peanut etc, an ideal equipment for tea leaves and food drying. 

1. Adopting highly precise electric temperature controller to control the heat, better the drying uniformity; meanwhile, supported by the mechanical temperature limit device to dual protection for the temperature control system, ensuring the temperature control safety.
2. Adopting three phase power supply type and adding a default phase protection device,  safe and reliable.
3. Adopting high quality and environmentally friendly thermal insulation materials to effectively improve the heat preservation performance, energy saving and consumption reduced.
4. Adopting circle air channel to make the inside heat even.
5. Adopting rotary type material shelf to evenly spread the materials and heated.
The whole machine’s surface is sprayed by baking finish, stable finish coat and rusting resistant. 

Technical Data:

Machine type: Tea Leaves Dryer
Machine model: SG-HGJ-9
Machine name: Rotary Type Tea Leaves Dryer
Machine dimension: 1420*1100*2190mm(L*W*H)
Heating component: Heating wire
Total heating power: 4.3KW, 3 groups
Motor for draught fan: Power supply: 0.55KW
Rotate speed: 1400r/min
Rated voltage: 380V
Drying plate carrier swing drive motor: Power supply: 40W
Rotate speed: 1250r/min
Rated voltage: 220V
Input voltage: 380V, three phase, four wire
Drying plate carrier swing speed: 6r/min
Drying plate shape: round
Total effective drying area: 8.7m2
Number of drying plies: 16 plies


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