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SG-802 Electric Colored Tape Coder(Vertical Printer Head)


SG-802 Electric Colored Tape Coder(Vertical Printer Head)

¢ñ. Applications:
It is the supporting device for all kinds of vertical intermittent packing machines, widely applied in food, cosmetics, medicine and other industries.

¢ò. Features:
1. Adopts hot printing tape, clear lettering wording, fast dry, non-stick..
2. Adopts singlechip technology control, fast and stable warming, simply and conveniently adjustable temperature and position.
3. Synchronous speed change to the packaging machine, accurate and efficient printing effect.

¢ó. Technology Data:

Model SG-802
Driver Motor
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 150W
Print speed 0-150 times/min
Font size 2mm*4mm*15mm
Consumable items Carbon tape
Weight 6kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 400mm*210mm*250mm
Remarks: Other specification can be customized.


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