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SG-P Micra Nitrogen Maker Dedicated for Food Fresh Keeping



SG-P Micra Nitrogen Maker Dedicated for Food Fresh Keeping

Packing and processing of food:
It is a good way to store the food with nitrogen, such way can keep you products from  now 90s to next century. Nowadays customers are eager for high-quality packaged food and fresh fruit , but  the usage of chemical preservatives affects such trend. In this time of increasing concept of environmentally friendly, everyone hope to benefit from the natural and chemically inert nitrogen. Nitrogen,  79% of the atmosphere, is one basic environmental product, with inactive chemical property, colorless and odorless.  The gaseous nitrogen would not leave any chemical leftover during restoration.
Foodstuff package£º
Nitrogen used for food stuff industry is to protect compounds that are subject to be damaged by oxygen and moisture in atmosphere Using nitrogen to be instead of oxygen and moisture in food packages will decrease foods¡£corrosion and quality Josses brought in air£® The negative effects of atmosphere include increases of number of molds and bacteria£¬oxidization£¬discoloration as well as corrosion Thus decrease of the air in a food package may prolong the quality and freshness of the packaged foodstuff£¬ which will be beneficial for both retailers and customers Adoption of decrease of air in a foodstuff package other than use of chemical preservatives has been proved an another method for prolonging foodstuff¡£S life Oxygen may be almost applied for packages for all kinds of fast foodstuffs£¬including fried potato chip£¬biltong£¬fresh fruit slicing£¬vegetable, nut, biscuit and startle Applying very dry nitrogen in a foodstuff package is to solve a problem of moisture£¬and decrease of oxygen content can decrease the degrees of oxidation and discoloration of the foodstuff For example£¬when odoriferous oils and perfume mate rials scenting of a smell of coffee are exposed to air£¬they will be subject to damage If they are cove red by nitrogen the quality 0f the coffees will be protected and has no loss in respect Of basic characteristics as a beverage People who bake coffee£¬especially those gourmets and persons for coffee flavor treating£¬ are accepting the method of applying nitrogen to package and transport coffee powders and the like of baked beans Edible oils and non-carbonate beverages may also benefit from nitrogen£®In some bottles or containers£®there are "head spaces"  between liquid and lids where air is replaced by nitrogen£¬thus the life of liquid can be prolonged by 500£¥.
Beverage agitation£º
Oxygen dissolved in liquid and oils may result in their sedimentation£¬the oxygen in these liquids may make their tastes become bad and shorten their life Applying a kind of method known as"agitation" which is to inlet gaseous nitrogen into liquid during processing procedure£¬these nitrogen bubbles are able to remove oxygen to protect against oxidation£¬corrosion and discoloration of non—carbonate beverages(fruit)juice£¬tea and milk)and edible oils(peanut£¬olive£¬sunflower seed and rape—seed oils)£®
Nitrogen swelling:
Foods with other kinds need to be added by air to enlarge their volumes Apply nitrogen to "puff"edible oil£¬mayonnaise margarine in bulk or peanut oil products can enlarge their volumes and expansion force so that their life can be prolonged.


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