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C55A Automatic Tea Vacuum Packaging Machine


                    C55A Automatic Tea Vacuum Packaging Machine 

It is suitable for vacuum bag package for different shape tea products: short strip, granular shape, needle shape, block shape, and so on. (Rock tea, white tea, black tea, Pu'er tea, green tea, scented tea, chrysanthemum tea, etc.).

1. Adopts PID temperature control system, ensures smooth sealing and improve yield of finished product.
2. The whole machine operation is controlled by PLC controller. With touch screen interface, it is very easy to operate and maintain.
3. Adopting some imported famous brand cylinders, ensuring the accuracy and stability of performance.
4. It can automatically complete weight measurement, bag opening, bag sealing, and so on.
5. With features of high packing speed, accurate measurement and simple operation.
6. One person can manage at least 10 sets of the machine, greatly reducing labor costs.

 Technical data:

Machine type: Tea Bag Packing Machine Series
Machine model: C55A/T55A
Machine name: Automatic Tea Vacuum Packaging Machine
Filling range: 3~15g
Packing speed: 14 bags/min
Bag size: L*W = 105mm~130mm * 50mm~58mm
Power supply: 220V, 50HZ, 1.8KW
Air supply: 0.6Mpa
Air consumption: 0.3 m3/min
Machine dimension: 700*700*1480mm(L*W*H)
 Machine weight: 100KGS


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