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What is drip coffee? How are drip coffee pods produced?
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What is drip coffee? How are drip coffee pods produced?

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drip coffee is a portable coffee with coffee beans grounded and then packed in a filter bag and sealed. After tearing the bag, open the paper splints on both sides and hang it on the cup. Slowly brew it with hot water and drink it. Hanging Ear Coffee is a ready-to-serve freshly ground coffee. The coffee is brewed by the drip filter method, and the acid, sweetness, bitterness, alcohol and aroma in the coffee are perfectly reflected. As long as there is a hot water source and a cup nearby, you can enjoy it conveniently. Especially suitable for home, office and travel use.


The difference between instant coffee and hanging ear coffee

(1) Instant coffee is a deep-processed coffee drink that can be directly dissolved in water, and contains some chemical additives.

(2) Hanging ear coffee is packaged with ground coffee powder and placed in a pocket made of non-woven fabric. When drinking, you need to hang it on the mouth of the cup and brew it with boiling water to drink. The coffee powder can be thrown away directly, and the sugar and milk need to be added by yourself. This coffee is pure natural without any additives.

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