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Drip type hanging ear coffee packaging machine working video
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Drip type hanging ear coffee packaging machine working video

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Hanging ear coffee is a kind of hand-held freshly ground coffee. It is convenient for everyone to drink delicious freshly ground coffee at any time. Hanging ear coffee is not common in the Chinese sales market. Many people have no idea how to prepare it and how to add milk after purchasing it. I don’t even know what are the benefits to the human body after drinking a can of freshly ground coffee. Today, I will professionally take you to master these professional knowledge.


How to brew and add milk to hanging ear coffee?

1. To put it bluntly, it means that there are convenient hanging ears on both sides of the filter of the post-free instant coffee. The way to brew freshly ground coffee is very simple. When you want to drink a lot of coffee, you can put yourself Remove the optional hanging ear coffee, and then tear off the seal on the filter paper bag outside the instant coffee according to the arrow symbol.

2. Hang the hanging ear after tearing off on the rim of the water cup, and then prepare appropriate boiling water in advance and pour it into the instant coffee immediately. At this time, the total amount of water should be soaked in the instant coffee, after 30 seconds, let Steam the instant coffee with the hot stream, and then pour the water into the freshly ground coffee, and stop when the water in the Starbucks mug reaches 150 ml.

3. After 40 seconds, remove the ear-mounted coffee bag. The liquid in the water cup is the strong freshly ground coffee. Before eating, add milk or sugar cubes for seasoning according to your own needs, and you can enjoy it after drawing. Enjoy the delicious taste of freshly ground coffee.

The benefits of drinking coffee

1. Maintenance of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Although it is a hand-held freshly ground coffee, hanging ear coffee preserves most of the nutrients in green coffee beans. It contains colorful anthocyanins and flavonoids, which are digested and absorbed by the body. It can improve the effect of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, avoid embrittlement and stagnation of blood vessels, and can avoid the rise of blood sugar and blood pressure.

2. Prevent gout

When people drink hanging ear coffee, they can also digest and absorb a certain amount of caffeine. These substances can accelerate the metabolism of high uric acid in the body's blood, and high uric acid is also the key to causing gout in the body. After its total number is reduced, humans will look at gout. probability will be significantly reduced.

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