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Materials of Drip Coffee Bag Filters
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Materials of Drip Coffee Bag Filters

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The drip coffee bag is a small filter pouch with folded paper supports that may be put on the cup. It first appeared in Japan in the 1990s. Now it has become a popular style of single-serve pour-over coffee. The japan drip coffee bag brewing effect is comparable to that of a V60 coffee maker.

Usually, a packaged drip coffee filter paper bag is portable and compact. It is filled with high-quality ground coffee. Each sachet is filled with N2 gas, which keeps the taste and aroma of the ground coffee fresh until just before serving.

Many coffee drinkers don’t need any additional equipment to make it at home because of its simple design. Simply peel back the wrapper, place it on a cup, fill it with hot water, and enjoy. By the way, coffee shops can also profit from using drip filter coffee bags to appeal to a specific client base.

Materials of Drip Coffee Bag Filters


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