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What is the material of the pyramid tea bag? What are the advantages of pyramid teabags
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What is the material of the pyramid tea bag? What are the advantages of pyramid teabags

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What is the material of the pyramid tea bag? What are the advantages of pyramid teabags

Pyramid tea bag is an innovative design for traditional teabags. The unique expansion space allows the tea leaves to be stretched out comfortably in the tea bag. The pyramid-shaped tea bag can let the original tea leaves The aroma and taste of the tea are released quickly and completely, with the taste of professional-grade brewed tea. Due to its transparency, the pyramid tea bag (triangular teabag) allows consumers to directly see the production of high-quality raw materials inside, without worrying about the tea bag being made of inferior tea.

The pyramid-shaped tea bag is designed to allow the tea leaves to fully stretch in the three-dimensional space, fully expressing the taste and aroma. For the two tea bags with the same volume, the surface area of the three-dimensional tea bag in contact with hot water is larger. The surface area of traditional tea bags in contact with water is about 1/2 of the total area, and the surface area of pyramid cone tea bags in contact with water is 3/4 of the total area. The tea release efficiency increases with the area of the tea bag in contact with water. The part of the traditional tea bag that cannot touch the hot water leads to idle tea leaves, but the three-dimensional triangular tea bag has no such concerns.

In addition, the brewing methods of various teas are different, and some teas cannot be brewed for a long time. But this is a matter of time. From the perspective of tea bags, pyramid-shaped tea bags are better than traditional bags. First, sort out the tea leaves. The second is that the blades cannot be stretched like the bag shape.

Keep the shape of the tea leaves, the tea leaves are not broken. The triangular contact area is large, making it easier to brew tea. In order to preserve the tea prototype and emphasize the difference between it and broken tea, a zongzi-shaped tea bag is specially designed. In other words, even if there is no difference in taste and efficiency, the commercial value is obvious.

However, there are many kinds of pyramid tea bags at present, and most of them are made of nylon, but the problem is that they are not easy to degrade; and now there are also corn fiber ones, which are healthier, more environmentally friendly, and easy to degrade. This kind of tea bag is the future direction, also known as "pyramid tea bag".

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