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Drip coffee bag packing machine shipping to Saudi Arabia
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Drip coffee bag packing machine shipping to Saudi Arabia

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Drip coffee bag packing machine

Drip coffee is a kind of portable coffee that is sealed in a filter bag after coffee beans are ground. Production method: After tearing the bag, open the paper splints on both sides and hang it on the cup, brew it slowly with hot water and drink it. Hanging ear coffee is an instant freshly ground coffee. The coffee is brewed by the drip filter method, and the acid, sweet, bitter, mellow and aroma in the coffee are perfectly reflected. As long as there is a hot water source and a cup around you, you can enjoy it conveniently. Especially suitable for home, office and travel use.

Saudi Arabia drip bag coffee packaging machine

brewing method

Open the package of the drip bag, tear the filter paper bag along the dotted line, hang the ear bag flat on the edge of the cup, pour boiling water into the coffee pot with a sharp mouth, and let it stand for one to two minutes. (Water temperature is about 90 degrees Celsius)

The first water injection: Slowly inject water into the ground coffee, the amount of water is subject to soaking the coffee.

Let stand for 30 seconds.

The second water injection: continue to inject water slowly, and repeat the water injection from the inside to the outside in a circular trajectory, and then from the outside to the inside, and stop when the water volume reaches 150-200 ml (about half a bottle of canned Coke).

The entire duration is controlled at about 1 minute.

Drip coffee bag packing machine shipping to Saudi Arabia

C19H Automatic Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

It is suitable for 5 to 15gram drip coffee inner and outer bag packaging.

1. Outer bag sealing is controlled by the stepper motor, ensuring accurate and stable bag length positioning.
2. Adopts PID temperature controller for more accurate temperature adjustment.
3. Adopts PLC control system and touch screen color monitor device, machine is very easy to operate.
4. The main machine parts is made of SUS304 stainless steel, so it ensures hygiene products output.
5. Some cylinders are imported, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the machines’ performance.
6. It can make the inner and outer bag at the same time automatically, which would highly improve the working efficiency.
7. Adopts automatic conveyor system.
8. Options: Date code printer.
9. There is a reserved connector to link with nitrogen making machine so as to flush nitrogen into the bag to extend its shelf life.
10. Adopts high specifications components.
Standard Technical Data  
Type Drip Coffee Packaging Machine Series
Model C19H
Product name Automatic Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine with Outer Envelope
Bag type Ultrasonic sealing
Packing material Paper/Plastic, Plastic/Aluminum/Plastic, Paper/Aluminum/Plastic,  
Filter paper
Feeding system Volumetric cup filler
Package range 5-15g
Inner bag size L:50-75mm , W:50-90mm
Outer bag size L:85-120mm , W:75-100mm
Inner bag film width (180mm) Bag size: L90mm*W75mm
Outer bag film width(200mm) Bag size: L120mm*W100mm
Power supply Single phase, 220V, 50HZ, 3.7KW
Packing speed 30-60bags/min
Weight 600KG
Dimension (L*W*H) 1200*900*1900mm


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