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Sengong Explains in Detail the Development and Innovation
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Sengong Explains in Detail the Development and Innovation

Release Date:2021-02-01 00:44:05 Views Frequency:1026

   Tea is one of the heritage of Chinese traditional culture, as one method of health care, the healthy drink becomes one essential part of our daily life. Why it is healthy? Because tea has many elements like theine, folic acid, inose and so on, which can improve one’s health. Nowadays, people clarify tea into six catalogs based on its varieties and making method, they are black tea, white tea, green tea, dark tea, oolong tea and yellow tea. What’s more, tea has been one of the world’s three largest beverage.

    In addition, tea package development is also through a long-term research and investigation. Final tea leaves is dry, very easily moistened and qualitative change. It has strong absorption for the water and odor, and its flavor volatilize easily, too. If you do not keep it in a good condition, under the influence of water, temperature, humidity, light and oxygen, the tea leaves would bring about biochemical reaction and microbial activities so that leaves go bad. Therefore, it requires a lot to use what receptacle and what method when storing them. Thus, the requirements for packaging machine follow.

    Tea packaging machine have different packaging method being directed against different tea leaves. Present customers are seeking for fast, convenient, safe, clean, dedicated, fashionable and new package effect. At this time, the emerging of bag tea package meets the customers’ psychological requirements and styles. Among all tea bag package, pyramid nylon tea bags made by Sengong packaging machines are one of your best choices.

    Sengong Pyramid Nylon Tea Packaging Machines are researched and developed after more than ten years manufacturing. Firstly, the biggest advantage automation and intelligence guarantees the packaging security and sanitary from the source. Secondly, the selected packaging materials all are national inspection certificated and highly qualified food-grade filter materials, non-toxic, no bacteria and heat resistant. All the environmentally friendly nylon mesh and non-woven fabric imported from Japan, and green 100% biodegradable transparent materials not only guarantee the security and sanitary, delicacy and fashion, but also increase the extraction rate. Such pyramid nylon mesh tea bag eliminate people’s concern for tea’s quality and protect the environment. Finally, Sengong pyramid nylon tea packaging machines adopt unique electric pulse sealing and cutting method, that is ultrasonic sealing and cutting, ensuring the tightness, safety and sanitary of tea package, reducing the sealing side width, without any materials waste.

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