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Golden Tea Nylon Triangle Packaging Machine with Super Long
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Golden Tea Nylon Triangle Packaging Machine with Super Long

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 Baojing Golden Tea comes from one kind age-old and rare tea tree in Baojing county, west part of Hunan Province, China. As recorded in Baojing county, during the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing years, some official made an inspection tour to Baojing Saturday, when passing Two Chahe river, he drank the local tea and rather appreciated it. So he awarded the tea owner 50g golden and ranked the tea as one article of tribute. Later generations named such tea as “Golden Tea”.

    Baojing Golden tea trees are one sexual group variety naturally selected with a long period of time, belonging to population genetic with complex gene. Such gene have various genotype and phenotype, and have many unique excellent single plant. The amino acid content of the tea is twice more than that of green tea, the water extracts about 50%. After processing, the tea features for its quality properties like fragrant, green, clear and strong. Boajing Golden tea is rare tea variety with obvious characteristics.

    However, now, the most worry for the food is its safety question. And for the Baojing Golden tea, people also concern about its tea bag. In Sengong, most customers choose the pyramid nylon tea bags to pack the golden tea, as well as other teas. The nylon mesh is environmentally friendly nylon imported from Japan, certificated by national security inspection. And it is also one kind high grade food filter material, non toxic, no bacteria and heat resistant. Thus you can set your mins at rest to enjoy the Baojing Golden tea packaged by Sengong packaging machine.

    There list the advantages of Sengong nylon triangle tea bag packing machine for you:
1. Adopt intelligent and precise filling system to make the package more perfect.
2. Adopt four materials smart split batch charging system, so that you can pack only one, just two, three or four kinds single or mixed elements. The system could make the proportional rate more even.
3. Adopt embedded ultrasonic made in Japan, make the ultrasonic device integrated with the packing machine after seamless connection.
4. Super long warranty, qualified machines. Three-year maintenance and life-long service.

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