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Triangle Nylon Jingting Lvxue Tea Packaging Machine Advantag
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Triangle Nylon Jingting Lvxue Tea Packaging Machine Advantag

Release Date:2021-02-01 00:47:12 Views Frequency:1011

 Jingting Lvxue tea is the traditional famous tea of China’s Han nationality, belonging to baked green tea. It has long history, thought as the treasure of green tea, and famous for its green bud leaves, plump leaves. It also known as its fluttering dance like snow tea in the wind when making, its pekoe white like the snow. Jingting Lvxue tea looks like the Buxus, straight, full, and has green color, visible pekoe, lasting green flavor, clear tea soup, slim bottom leaves, tasting mellow and sweet. People divided them into three grades according to its quality, and they have three process to finish it: fixation, shaping and drying.

    Well, how about the packaging process? The packaging process is always do not link after the drying. The more popular Jingting Lvxue tea is, the quicker pyramid tea bag packing machine develops. Nowadays, more Jingting Lvxue tea is on the way to market, enjoyed by more people, therefore, it requires more packaging machine supply on the market. Our Sengong company just seizes such opportunity, then use good credibility and integrity to establish good relationship with more customers and go ahead.

    Then, what are the advantages of Sengong packaging machine, why they have such steady progression? The advantages list below:
1. The packing capacity can be up to 10800 to 18000 bags per hour.
2. Use the packing material with tag to simply yield pyramid nylon tea bag with thread and tag;
3. Stable running, easily operate and low maintenance rate.
4. Adopt the ultrasonic electric component imported from Japan, make the ultrasonic device integrated with the machine by seamless connection.
5. With touch screen display and setting, switch Chinese to English just by one key, more stable performance, easier setting and more humanity.
6. Optional electric scale device according to customers tea leaves shape.
7. Low cost, efficient dust elimination, energy saving and environmentally friendly.

    The above is all the technical properties of Sengong packaging machine, looking forward to cooperation with you and help you. As we all know, a good reputation is important for a company development, taking you a great deal profit and more development space. But a good reputation is closely linked together with the machine quality. So only keeping in good quality and strictly control each production section, can Sengong provide you with qualified machines.

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