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Malaysia Hidden Teacup Packaging Machine
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Malaysia Hidden Teacup Packaging Machine

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SG-260DX Automatic Hidden Tea Cup Packing Machine



Malaysia Hidden Teacup Packaging Machine

Type:Tea packing machine
Product model:SG-260DX
Product name:Automatic Hidden Tea Cup Packing Machine
Tea content:1--20g / cup (place broken tea, tea leaves, flowers, fruit tea, and tea materials of different shapes)
Filter paper specifications:Round roll filter paper (It is better to choose our company’s exclusive imported filter paper for better quality)
Paper cup specifications:Paper cups of 6-16 OZ, and other specifications can be used; new filter screens and filter papers are used, with a thickness of 18 grams and a diameter of 77mm and 90mm.
One cup amount:Circulate 6 cups 
Filter paper and cup Combination form:heat sealing
Air pressure:(The gas supply by customer, and the gas consumption is 0.2M3/min.)
power supply:220V 50hz
Hot pressing temperature:(Controllable) The hot pressing time for each cup is 2 seconds, and the temperature control accuracy: ±5℃
Air compressor configuration:more than 2P
Air pressure:0.6Mpa
Total power:0.6kw
operator:1 person
Equipment appearance:width 1600×length1400×height 2100 (㎜)
equipment weight: 1200㎏


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