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Jasmine tea pyramid tea bag packaging machine
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Jasmine tea pyramid tea bag packaging machine

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Jasmine tea pyramid tea bag packaging machine

Jasmine tea belongs to the category of scented tea and reprocessed tea, also known as jasmine scented tea, or scented tea for short. The materials used in making it are tea leaves and jasmine flowers, so it has the fragrance of both.


Jasmine tea production process

Jasmine tea is a famous scented tea. It is named after the jasmine flowers added to the tea. Jasmine tea is one of many scented tea varieties. The so-called jasmine tea is made by adding budding jasmine flowers to green tea. Different green tea varieties are used to make tea embryos. For example, Longjing tea is scented with jasmine flowers, which is called Longjing jasmine tea. If it is scented with rose flowers, it is called Longjing rose tea, and so on.


Jasmine tea has the reputation of "the scent of spring can be smelled in Chinese scented tea". Jasmine peach will open like a flower when brewing tea. When you have a full meal, drinking jasmine tea can effectively help digestion, burn fat, and freshen your breath.

C27DX Automatic Nylon Pyramid/Flat Inner and Outer Bag Packing Machine


l Application:
It is suitable for inner and outer teabag packaging for products such as loose leaf tea, herbal tea, health care tea, flower tea, and Chinese local tea like Darjeeling, Assam, Ceylon, etc.
l Features:
1. The packing material of the triangle packaging bag is nylon, non-woven fabric imported from Japan, which is non-toxic, non-bacteria, heat-resistant and high quality food-grade material, conforming to our national safety inspection standard.
2. The machine uses a unique sealing method--ultrasonic. It can seal tightly, safely, and reduce the width of the extra edge, avoiding any waste of packing materials.
l  Technical data:
Machine type: Tea Bag Packing Machine Series

Machine Model: C27DX
Machine name: C27DX Automatic Nylon Pyramid/Flat Inner and Outer Bag Packing Machine  
Packing speed: 30~50bags/min
Filling range: 1~10g
Accuracy: ±0.1g/bag
Packing roll width: 140, 160, 180(mm)
Outer bag size: W:80-100mm, L: 90-120mm
Sealing method: Cutting and sealing by ultrasonic
Quantity of seal device: 2sets
Power supply: 220V , 50Hz, 1.85KW
Air supply: 0.6MPa (can be quipped with air compressor)
Dimensions: 3000*900*2350mm(L*W*H)
Machine weight: 700KGS

Jasmine tea pyramid tea bag packaging machine


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