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Vietnamese pyramid tea bag packaging machine
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Vietnamese pyramid tea bag packaging machine

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Vietnamese pyramid tea bag packaging machine

Vietnamese black tea bag packaging machine, Vietnamese pyramid tea bag packaging machine for An Giang Province, Bac Giang Province, Bac Chum Province, Bac Lieu Province, Bac Ninh Province, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, Ben Tre Province, Binh Dinh Province, Binh Duong Province, Binh Phuoc Province, Binh Thuan Province, Ca Mau Province, Can Tho City, Cao Bang Province, Dak Lak Province, Dak Nong Province, Da Nang City, Dien Bien Province, Dong Nai Province, Dong Thap Province, Gia Lai Province, Ha Giang Province, Hai Duong Province, Hai Phong City, Ha Nam Province, Hanoi City, Ha Tinh Province, Hoa Binh Province, Ho Chi Minh City, Hau Giang Province, Hung Yen Province, Khanh Hoa Province, Kien Giang Province, Kon Tum Province, Lai Chau Province, Lam Dong Province, Lang Son Province, Long An Province, Nam Dinh Province, Nghe An Province, Phu Tho Province, Quang Nam Province, Quang Ngai Province, Quang Ninh Province, Soc Trang Province, Thanh Hoa Province, Thua Thien Hue Province, Tien Giang Province, Vinh Long Province, Vinh Phuc Province, etc.

Tea cultivation has a history of more than 2,000 years. Vietnam is one of the largest and most ancient tea-growing countries. Although the historical records and literature related to Vietnamese tea are not as complete as those in China and Japan, tea drinking definitely occupies a large part of Vietnamese culture, both in the past and now.


There are many types of Vietnamese tea, which can be roughly divided into three categories, namely green tea, pure black tea and flower and fruit tea. Knowing them is equivalent to having a general grasp of traditional Vietnamese tea.


Vietnamese Green Tea


When it comes to Vietnamese tea, the first thing to mention must be green tea. Since the mid-20th century, green tea trees have been planted on a large scale in northern and central Vietnam. Later, green tea gradually became a companion to the daily life of Vietnamese people and a symbol of peaceful and tranquil rural life.


Vietnam's soil and climate are very suitable for growing green tea trees. They can be planted on plains and highlands, and even as domestic flowers planted in the backyard, there is no problem. Compared with other types of tea trees, green tea trees have taller trunks and wider leaves. Since they can easily enjoy fresh air, they are difficult to wither or oxidize, and they also bring joy to people who pick tea leaves. Soak these freshly picked green tea leaves in water and boil them for about 15 minutes before enjoying them.


Vietnam has always regarded itself as an agricultural country, because most people live in the countryside and make a living by farming. Clearing away heat and removing fire, this unique advantage of green tea makes it a must-have summer drink for every household in this tropical country in the hot summer. Not only that, green tea's effect of improving resistance is also favored by people.


Undoubtedly, green tea has become an indispensable part of the lives of Vietnamese farmers. Because it is easy to make, it can be seen everywhere. Farming is a hard job for farmers. In the intervals between work, taking a pot of tea, sitting on the green ground, or strolling by the patio is definitely a good way to replenish physical energy. Several people sit around in a teahouse near the entrance of the village, chatting and drinking green tea from a large porcelain bowl. This is the most common scene in the rural fields of Vietnam.


It is an indisputable fact that the Vietnamese people are crazy about green tea and its positive health effects. Some savvy businessmen also make these ordinary green tea drinks produced in the countryside into bottled beverages and sell them to foreigners.


Pure black tea


It takes a certain amount of time and energy to thoroughly understand the pure black tea of Vietnam. "Pure" means no additives. How to make fresh tea leaves into original black tea with guaranteed quality and quantity?


There are many types of Vietnamese tea trees. Unlike green tea, black tea trees must be planted in bushes, either in low-lying and intricate places or in highlands. They are mature when they grow to 1 meter high. After the fresh buds and leaves are picked, they must be naturally dried and withered. Then the tea farmers put them on flat plates and bake them at different temperatures until the tea leaves curl up and the color changes from green to black. This process sounds simple, but each step requires workers to have sufficient skills to ensure the quality of tea, so it is not easy. The tea buds must maintain their original shape, without damage, and the aroma must last.


There is another source for making pure black tea - the camellia tree, which is an extremely rare plant that can only be found in the remote northern part of Vietnam, especially in Ha Giang, Yen Bai and Son La provinces. This ancient wild plant is 15 meters tall and has a trunk diameter of 2 meters. It is conceivable that if you want to pick tea buds, climbing trees is inevitable. It is said that a long time ago, people trained monkeys to climb camellia trees to pick tea, thus shortening the distance from the leaves of the tea tree to the cup of pure black tea. The surface of the tea buds and young leaves of the camellia is covered with snow-white hairs, so it is also called "mountain snow tea". It is a veritable organic tea with a mellow and mellow taste. Its extremely high quality has earned it a high price.


Pure black tea is not as popular as green tea. Every time you drink it, you need a professional tea artist to brew and consider it. At the same time, you also need the right tea set and a peaceful heart.

... Making lotus tea is very demanding, the process is delicate and time-consuming, and it represents the elegance, dignity and faith of Vietnam. Pure black tea is wrapped in lotus, which means that the black tea cannot be over-baked and must retain moisture. It is then placed in a clay pot and wrapped in banana leaves for at least two years to reduce the bitterness of the tea and allow the tea leaves to fully absorb the fragrance of the lotus.


If you want to make 1 kilogram of lotus tea, you need 800 to 1,000 lotus flowers, all of which are top-quality lotus flowers from Hanoi's West Lake, and they must be picked before they are about to bloom. The scenting of lotus tea must be repeated 5 or 6 times, so that the black tea will be fully soaked in the pure fragrance of lotus. No matter what the season is, as long as you taste lotus tea, you will feel the fresh smell of summer.

C27DX Automatic Nylon Pyramid/Flat Inner and Outer Bag Packing Machine


l Application:
It is suitable for inner and outer teabag packaging for products such as loose leaf tea, herbal tea, health care tea, flower tea, and Chinese local tea like Darjeeling, Assam, Ceylon, etc.
l Features:
1. The packing material of the triangle packaging bag is nylon, non-woven fabric imported from Japan, which is non-toxic, non-bacteria, heat-resistant and high quality food-grade material, conforming to our national safety inspection standard.
2. The machine uses a unique sealing method--ultrasonic. It can seal tightly, safely, and reduce the width of the extra edge, avoiding any waste of packing materials.
l  Technical data:
Machine type: Tea Bag Packing Machine Series

Machine Model: C27DX
Machine name: C27DX Automatic Nylon Pyramid/Flat Inner and Outer Bag Packing Machine  
Packing speed: 30~50bags/min
Filling range: 1~10g
Accuracy: ±0.1g/bag
Packing roll width: 140, 160, 180(mm)
Outer bag size: W:80-100mm, L: 90-120mm
Sealing method: Cutting and sealing by ultrasonic
Quantity of seal device: 2sets
Power supply: 220V , 50Hz, 1.85KW
Air supply: 0.6MPa (can be quipped with air compressor)
Dimensions: 3000*900*2350mm(L*W*H)
Machine weight: 700KGS

Vietnamese pyramid tea bag packaging machine


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