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Hot sale Korean drip coffee bag packaging machine
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Hot sale Korean drip coffee bag packaging machine

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Hot sale Korean drip coffee bag packaging machine

Drip coffee packaging machine for Korean coffee, cities: Seoul coffee, Busan coffee, Incheon coffee, Daegu coffee, Daejeon coffee, Gwangju coffee, Suwon coffee, Ulsan coffee, Goyang coffee, Yongin coffee, Changwon coffee, etc., ground coffee frother coffee packaging machine manufacturer

As of 2015, there are an estimated 49,600 coffee shops in South Korea, with 17,000 in Seoul, making Seoul's per capita coffee consumption higher than Seattle or San Francisco. In 2013, it was estimated that about 657,000 tons of coffee were sold in South Korea, with a per capita coffee consumption of about 2.3 kg.


The instant coffee market accounts for a large percentage of total coffee consumption in South Korea, with many well-known brands competing for market share there. Instant coffee technology such as freeze drying, which is the best way to preserve the flavor of coffee, has been improved in South Korea. Freeze drying is stable for use in large-scale production. As of 2003, instant coffee accounted for 90% of all coffee consumption.


With the introduction of large coffee chains such as Starbucks in the late 1990s, the consumption of freshly brewed coffee increased. Going to Starbucks for coffee became a way to get in touch with American and Western culture, so many young people or middle- and upper-middle-class Koreans began to frequent Starbucks.


Buddhism and Coffee Consumption

Another group of Koreans who have increased their coffee consumption are Korean Buddhists. Today, in South Korea, some major temples state that more than half of their meditating monks have switched to coffee. Making coffee and sharing it with visitors has also been rationalized as a way for Buddhism to remain relevant in contemporary society. [7] The type of coffee commonly associated with the Korean monastic community is hand-drip coffee. This is because monks may wish to be associated with the Korean high culture associated with hand-drip coffee. Additionally, hand-drip coffee involves many tools and steps, mirroring the tea-making ritual.  Additionally, hand-drip coffee involves many tools and steps, mirroring the tea-making ritual. As an example of how the Korean Buddhist community has embraced coffee, one can turn to Puramsa, Torisa, and other temple grounds that have established coffee houses.


Korean Culture and Coffee Consumption

The most popular coffee among Koreans is iced Americano, regardless of the weather. Even in the cold winter, Koreans enjoy drinking iced Americano. AFP mentions that in the winter, iced Americano is consumed more than hot drinks. There is a new phrase for this particular type of coffee consumption called "Eoljukah," which means "I'll have iced coffee even if I freeze to death." The popularity of specific beverages is due to the fast-paced culture of South Korea. Compared to other drinks, iced Americano was created in a short time, so most people prefer this drink in Korea's fast-paced culture. In 2019, Hyundai Research Laboratories found that the average coffee consumption per individual was 353 cups per year, which is twice the global average.

Korean drip coffee bag packaging machine

C19H Automatic Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

Type: Drip Coffee Packing Machine Series

Product model: C19H

Product name: Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Inner and Outer Bag Packing MachineOuter bag sealing controlled by the servo motor,

Purpose: bag length positioning is accurate and stable.

Feature: Outer bag sealing controlled by the servo motor , bag length positioning isaccurate and stable.

Adopts PID temperature controller for more accurate temperature adjustment.Adopts PLC control system, human-machine interface, it is very easy to operate.

All parts in direct contact with products are made of sUS304 stainless steel,ensuring reliable products output conforming to food sanitary standards.Some parts of the cylinder are imported, ensuring the accuracy and stabilityof performance.

Optional devices: flat cut device, date printer, easy tear device, etc.

Packing Material: Paper/Plastic,Plastic/Aluminum/Plastic,PaperlAluminum/Plastic,Drip coffee filter paper

Bag type: 3 side sealing

Outer Bag size: L:85~120mm,W:75~100mm (Film width200mm, Bag size: 120*100mm)

lnner Bag size: L:50~75mm, W:50~90mm (Filter paperwidth 180mm, Bag size: 90*74 mm)

Packing speed: 40~50 bags/min

Filling range: 5~15g,accuracy+0.1g/bag

Power: Single phase, 220V,50HZ,3.7KW

Air supply: ≥0.6Mpa(optional with air compressor)

Weight: 700KG

Dimension: L1400mm*W900mm*H2400mm


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