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Hot selling Brazilian drip coffee bag packaging machine
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Hot selling Brazilian drip coffee bag packaging machine

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Brazilian drip coffee packaging machine

Brazilian drip coffee packaging machine for Acre, Alagoas, Amazonas, Amapá, Bahia, Ceará, Espirito Santo, Goias, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Pará, Paraíba, Paraná, Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Rondônia, Roraima, Santa Catarina, Sao Paulo, Sergipe, Tocantins coffee, etc., automatic filter coffee packaging machine

Despite its diversity, Brazilian coffee is suitable for the general public. For example, coffee produced in the northern coastal areas has a typical iodine flavor that reminds people of the sea. This coffee is exported to North America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Another interesting coffee that is worth pursuing is the washed Bahia coffee. This coffee is not easy to find because Brazil is the world's largest coffee consumer after the United States, and many of the best coffees can only be found in its domestic market.

In Brazil, the largest production is Robusta coffee. This coffee is sold in supermarkets. Brazilian Robusta coffee is sold under the name Conillon and accounts for 15% of the total production.

In the Cerrado region of Minas Greais state in southeastern Brazil, some estates grow old Bourbon coffee. These estates, such as Capin Branco and Vista Allegre, also grow old Bourbon varieties for sale in the market. Although they come from the same region, these coffees have their own characteristics. Capín Blanco coffees are smoother than Vista Alegre coffees, which are thicker and darker, and both are lower in acidity. However, like all Brazilian coffees, they are best drunk young, as they become more acidic as they age. These coffee growers have organized themselves into the Speciality Coffee Association of Brazil.

C19H Automatic Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

Type: Drip Coffee Packing Machine Series

Product model: C19H

Product name: Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Inner and Outer Bag Packing MachineOuter bag sealing controlled by the servo motor,

Purpose: bag length positioning is accurate and stable.

Feature: Outer bag sealing controlled by the servo motor , bag length positioning isaccurate and stable.

Adopts PID temperature controller for more accurate temperature adjustment.Adopts PLC control system, human-machine interface, it is very easy to operate.

All parts in direct contact with products are made of sUS304 stainless steel,ensuring reliable products output conforming to food sanitary standards.Some parts of the cylinder are imported, ensuring the accuracy and stabilityof performance.

Optional devices: flat cut device, date printer, easy tear device, etc.

Packing Material: Paper/Plastic,Plastic/Aluminum/Plastic,PaperlAluminum/Plastic,Drip coffee filter paper

Bag type: 3 side sealing

Outer Bag size: L:85~120mm,W:75~100mm (Film width200mm, Bag size: 120*100mm)

lnner Bag size: L:50~75mm, W:50~90mm (Filter paperwidth 180mm, Bag size: 90*74 mm)

Packing speed: 40~50 bags/min

Filling range: 5~15g,accuracy+0.1g/bag

Power: Single phase, 220V,50HZ,3.7KW

Air supply: ≥0.6Mpa(optional with air compressor)

Weight: 700KG

Dimension: L1400mm*W900mm*H2400mm


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