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Jamaica drip coffee bag packaging machine
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Jamaica drip coffee bag packaging machine

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Jamaica drip coffee bag packaging machine

Jamaica drip coffee packaging machine for Blue Mountain coffee, cities: Kingston, Portmore, Spanish Town, Montego Bay, May Pen, Mandeville, Old Harbour, Savanna-la-Mar, Ocho Rios, Ocho Rios, etc., ground coffee filter coffee powder packaging machine, nitrogen filled to keep fresh!

The Blue Mountain in Jamaica is the highest mountain in the western Caribbean (2,256 meters high). The annual output of top-quality Blue Mountain coffee is 2,400 tons. The state-owned estate WALLENFORD is the most important and famous coffee estate, while WALLENFORD, MAVIS BANK, SILVER HILL, MOY HALL, and GOLD CUP are relatively well-known brands.


The production of coffee is the same as general agricultural products. It is greatly affected by the weather. In 1969, the production of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee was in trouble due to the impact of a hurricane. Japan's UCC provided assistance and introduced ecological planting methods.


In gratitude for the assistance of Japanese companies, Jamaica signed a contract with Japan in 1972 to provide 90% of its annual production to the Japanese market [1]. The remaining 10%, about 245 tons (3,500 barrels of 70 kg oak barrels), was released to the market for sale (it is also the only coffee packaged in oak barrels). Therefore, Blue Mountain coffee is a rare commodity in the market, which has established Blue Mountain coffee's dominant position in the coffee market.


In addition to the low yield, the complete cooking technique to present the flavor of Blue Mountain coffee - slightly sour and less bitter - is also difficult to master. Therefore, some chefs use this technique as a means to express the golden mean of Blue Mountain coffee.

C19H Automatic Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

Type: Drip Coffee Packing Machine Series

Product model: C19H

Product name: Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Inner and Outer Bag Packing MachineOuter bag sealing controlled by the servo motor,

Purpose: bag length positioning is accurate and stable.

Feature: Outer bag sealing controlled by the servo motor , bag length positioning isaccurate and stable.

Adopts PID temperature controller for more accurate temperature adjustment.Adopts PLC control system, human-machine interface, it is very easy to operate.

All parts in direct contact with products are made of sUS304 stainless steel,ensuring reliable products output conforming to food sanitary standards.Some parts of the cylinder are imported, ensuring the accuracy and stabilityof performance.

Optional devices: flat cut device, date printer, easy tear device, etc.

Packing Material: Paper/Plastic,Plastic/Aluminum/Plastic,PaperlAluminum/Plastic,Drip coffee filter paper

Bag type: 3 side sealing

Outer Bag size: L:85~120mm,W:75~100mm (Film width200mm, Bag size: 120*100mm)

lnner Bag size: L:50~75mm, W:50~90mm (Filter paperwidth 180mm, Bag size: 90*74 mm)

Packing speed: 40~50 bags/min

Filling range: 5~15g,accuracy+0.1g/bag

Power: Single phase, 220V,50HZ,3.7KW

Air supply: ≥0.6Mpa(optional with air compressor)

Weight: 700KG

Dimension: L1400mm*W900mm*H2400mm

Jamaica drip coffee bag packaging machine


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